Why Living Alone During Lockdown Isn’t That Bad

If you’re like many others, then hearing that isolation was coming was a bit of a scary thought. I mean, no one likes to be alone, at least, for a long time. So the idea of a lockdown was a bit stressful. 

That’s understandable. 

The funny thing is that a solo lockdown can actually be beneficial for you! Sure, it’s awesome to be with friends and family, but there’s a lot of good with just being with yourself. 

Some of the best authors, poets, artists, musicians, politicians, and even monks preach the importance of being by yourself sometimes. And that should be enough perspective to inspire you to know that YOU CAN cope with a lockdown alone. 

Today, we’ll share 4 quick tips on how you can cope with a solo lockdown and come out better than ever!

#1 Take Time To Reflect

The world is nosy. There’s a lot going on and your mind is always stimulated with something - it’s tired! So think about this lockdown as a way for you to relax your mind. Meditate. Journal. And simply think to yourself. You’ll find a lot of clarity and peace by doing these simple things. 

#2 Discover New Interests

Now that you have time for yourself, you can explore new things that you like. You’re constantly changing and that means your interests are too. Who knows! Your next favorite thing may be something you never could imagine. Explore. Adventure. And find your next big thing!

#3 Learn Something New

What if you spent an hour every day of the week just learning something new or upgrading a skill? By Sunday, you’d have 7 hours of practice!

Imagine what you can do with that skill AFTER the lockdown ends. You’d have something new and awesome you can share with the world. 

#4 Get Creative!

There’s no better way to bring all the above points together than by doing something that gets your creative juices flowing. For example, with a diamond painting, it’s been proven to calm your mind, improve your mood, and even give you a fun skill you can show off to your friends. 

Actually, A LOT of people have turned to our paintings as a way to cope with the lockdown…

And people have been raving about how their mood and mindfulness have been soooo positive with the help of our canvases. 

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