What Does Full Drill Mean in Diamond Painting?

If you’re part of the crafter's community and looking for a new hobby, we’d recommend looking into diamond art kits. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a fun DIY hobby that has exploded in popularity in the last few years. You can find a diamond painting kit just about anywhere these days it seems, and we love the DIY diamond painting community as well. It’s full of fun forums and helpful sites that really make the community and time spent feel special. Plus it’s a really great way to ease stress and produce gorgeous artwork at the same time, in a soft and solemn pace. There are often majestic colors and really intricate designs available as a reward after a close search of what’s the best kit for you. So before you dive into diamond painting and all the different styles within this market, let’s first show what exactly diamond painting is. 

What is Diamond Painting? 

Diamond painting is like the daughter of paint by numbers and jigsaw puzzles. It could also go by the name diamond paint by numbers, but painting certainly has more of a ring to it. Considering these other two activities are such classic household staples, it’s no wonder this new leisure time activity has been soaring in popularity. 

However, instead of painting the necessary colors in whatever spaces have been assigned to you like in a normal paint by numbers canvas, you instead fill that area with a square or round diamond in the necessary places on the diamond painting canvas. It provides a more physical form of artistic expression, plus the indications of where to place your pieces help keep you focused and able to complete your canvas.

This new art form has become really popular in the crafting world and loads of artists are really embracing this new style. Stemming from mosaics and the aforementioned paint by numbers system, we place these small sparking tiles to make patterns that resemble the diamond. Together with the piece’s product a colorful design with a sparkly and shining finish. And the color options are seemingly endless. In the past year, we’ve seen several now bursts of color and styles available, so we’re happy you’re now engaging with this exciting product.

It’s honestly a pretty easy and engaging activity. The diamond-esque pieces are color-matched with the thread colors and each runs about 2.5mm in size. The small structure and repeated action create a soothing atmosphere that calms the user and can place you in a meditative space. At least that’s been our pleasant experience so far. There’s something about being able to use your hands and see the development passing along in real-time that keeps us completely engaged. 

If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of someone refer to diamond painting, it may be because it goes by several different names. There is usually a diamond in the name and has been called everything ranging from diamond painting cross-stitch to DIT diamond painting. It’s really a sector with lots of different styles conveniently fit under the same umbrella term.

How do I start diamond painting? 

Before you start the diamond painting, it’s necessary to find the best available kit you can find. Surely in the subjective world of art and interpretation, there’s no surefire best choice that would satisfy all peoples. But we’d recommend something that’s got either (or ideally both) engaging colors and soothing composition. It’s something you’ll spend quite some time on, so it’s something that would be time better spent if you like what you’re looking at as well. 


A diamond painting. 

What do you need for diamond painting? 

If you’re an artist new to this world, don’t fret. The introductory period is relatively quick, and you can learn easily and become a master in no time. But before you begin, we recommend reading through the instructions and become familiar with the creative art process and essential characteristics of the trade. Of course, we are all wired a bit differently, though this artistic style hopes to streamline the process for all users. So before you start patching the pieces together, you must be aware of things that are included in all diamond kits. 

Some basic materials in all diamond kits are design charts, wax, a diamond stacking tool, and colorful sparkly diamond beads. Some higher-end kits will offer more products that we will delve into further along, as well as some products we recommend you invest in to ameliorate your relationship to this craft style. 

There are a few different types of bead options, however, it’s predominantly round beads versus square beads. The differences between the two and which is a better option really come down to personal preference. If you want a more clear picture that looks like a mosaic, we recommend square beads. However, if you prefer something that looks like a cross-stitch piece, select the round beads. It’s really up to the user and what kind of art you identify with stronger. Square beads are perhaps a more traditional style and the round beads product a more avant-garde kind of finished product. 

Another difference between round or square diamond drills is that square painting kinds are the default option. Around 70% or diamond painting fans prefer this style. So that being said, perhaps it would be better to start on a square kit, and then try one of the round kits after and see which you prefer. You can start on the more popular option, as this means you’re less likely to get discouraged and never return to this really cool craft.

Also, know that it’s probably best to stick to one style. It can be a challenge to maintain artistic styles with both options as most crafters like to store their leftover drill bits for future use. But by rotating between the two, you aren’t really going to be able to use one on the other’s board. So we recommend sticking to the main style, but it’s not totally important. Both offer a great and fun return on time well-spent, and as long as you’re enjoying yourself it doesn’t matter too much. 

If you’re still not sure whether to select a round drill or one of the square drills, know that your first diamond board will be a blast no matter what. We would recommend selecting a painting size that is a bit more manageable and easy to complete, so select carefully between the two. Especially if you have little ones and are working to complete this activity together.  

As we previously mentioned, some kits also come with additional tools, like little bags that you can use to store the open bead packages. These are a really helpful thing to have included because you would hate to lose some of your pieces and finish with an incompleted painting looking back at you. It’s also nice to see some kits provide additional wax to ensure you get a perfect mold and fit. And additionally, some kits can come with tweezers when you need to edit a couple of changes. So be on the lookout for these helpful additional tools, because they can be some super time-savers that keep you in check and focused on completion. 

If you’re looking to purchase additional tools and accessories, you can buy light tablets, various styles of diamond painting pens and more. Some choose to stay organized by investing in some storage boxes or carrying cases, even magnifying devices are often found as well. 

A kit also comes with a chart and design layout that’s kept in pristine condition thanks to a thin plastic film layer trapped over. So be sure that you have all the necessary pieces before continuing on with your craft. 

Tips and tricks for diamond painting

It’s important to select a kit that makes you happy, but that’s not the only helpful piece of advice we can provide. Of course, that’s the first rule in the craft world, but we can offer more insightful pieces of wisdom than just that. 

Use tools to fill larger chunks of the painting in a faster time. You can hasten the process by use of intelligent tools that can streamline the process when you have a section of all the same color pieces. Instead of using the elementary tools that demand you select each diamond piece individually, look for a multi-tool. These allow you to pick up 2 or more at one time, saving you time and maintaining interest while developing your artistic craft. Naturally, this style can only work if a section is all the same color or key, so be careful. 

You can also improve the overall style of the piece with some simple household items. Perhaps you could also find them at the counter of any mid-range restaurant, but a toothpick is a welcome addition and can help you with the finishing touches of your painting. By using something so small and delicate as a little pick of wood, you can nudge wayward crystals back into place, or putting them back in place when they slip loose. Once you’re down to the detailing stages of the art process, think about taking that pick out of the space between your gums and editing your gorgeous creation! It will really help you develop your canvas quickly.

Light tables

Light tables often don’t come with diamond art kits but they are an essential tool for any serious diamond painting artists. It makes it so much easier to place the diamond tiles because the light shines through the back of the diamond painting canvas. It’s certainly one of the must-have additional 5D diamond painting tools to have in your tool kit. 

One of the best parts of having one of these backlights is they have loads of uses outside of your arts and crafts hobbies, so it’s an investment you won’t forget. 


A diamond painting.

More advice

Another helpful tidbit is to work in smaller sections. Basically, as you’re going along, slowly peel back the clear sheet covering the adhesive on the canvas in little sections. This way, the adhesive’s stickiness stays fresh while you place the gems on that particular part. If you’re working with a large piece, you can cut out some of the clear sheets with the help of a cutter that often comes with your kit. This way you can reduce clutter and help you peel back smaller sections at a time. This way the adhesive won’t dry out before you’re finished with a particular section. It’s important to stay organized when working through these artistic puzzles and maintain a stress-free space. 

We also recommend using dryer sheets. And we’re not talking about with the laundry here. YOu may be wondering why that’s such a helpful item, so allow us to explain. After all, we don’t care if you’re wearing whites or colored cotton when completing your canvas! But because the drills we use in the painting are lightweight with a resin that tends to have them stick together, using a dryer sheet is a helpful way to prevent a mess from spreading and sticking the pieces together. To remedy the situation, cut small pieces of dryer sheets to store with your diamond pieces and keep them from sticking around and thus creating a big ball of glue and tacky pieces clamped alongside one another. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We would also like to recommend you to use resealable containers to store your crystals and diamonds. We like using small jars or plastic resealable bags, but just be sure if’s something with a lid that you can close and toning will slip out. Heck, we’ve even used our dad’s old tackle box when we saw it out on the steps by the garbage, and it works perfectly. Just find something that will help you stay organized and help distinguish items by color, weight, and utility. As long as those problems have been sorted, you should be onto a nice and easy afternoon of coloring and creating.

And that brings us to our last piece of advice, which is to label everything. Label not only all your containers with the color but also its corresponding symbol! This way you’ll stay organized and your hobby intended to reduce stress will complete its purpose, instead of getting you bothered when you can’t find the magenta tiles. 

What’s the difference between full and partial diamond paintings? 

Finally, we arrive at the mention of the article’s title. Essentially, a full diamond painting kit means the entire allocated space has places for gems. Any spec of space you see on the wide-open canvas will eventually be punctured by a beautiful piece of diamond plastic. This is a more challenging option but certainly has worthwhile rewards for the artist. 

And then to compare that versus a partial diamond painting, which already has some of the areas colored in for you. Partials are easier and faster to complete and make great diamond paintings for beginners or children. This DIY diamond painting can be challenging initially, so if you choose to start with a part it may be a good idea. Often diamond painters like to start on this still before moving onto a full drill diamond painting, as a way to learn if they like the craft and want to turn it into a lifelong passion. And the finished product looks just as fantastic whether you started with a partial or a full, no matter the initial style of types of diamond used. 

Considering the materials between the two, it’s really the same process as well. The applicator for either should be the same, leaving you with a gorgeous diamond mosaic for all your friends to enjoy. 

If you want to spend some quality time with your children, we recommend sharing with them a partial diamond painting. That being said, a full drill kit is more challenging and requires more time and effort. So if you have some time in your hands and are eager to do something a bit more, by all means, select a full drill kit. 

So there you have it. When working on a 5d diamond painting, whether it’s a partial drill or full, you still have the same fun experience and get to paint with diamonds. The canvases will finish with a gorgeous board that looks super. A couple more details to add to it that canvas size really depends on the price and options available, so choose carefully before you checkout your item. So get out there today and select a 5d painting kit, something that’s a super way to spend some time with your kids or alone with some gorgeous vibrant colors that will be a perfect pastime for you. 

For some more diamond painting tips, be careful with the resin diamonds, as they’ll often stick and can clutter the pasting area. The 3d diamond shape is fun, but you would rather have your time spent working on your round diamond painting be to make the diamond embroidery pop with color and not stick to each other. 

A 5d diamond painting kit should be stuck to the wishlist of any young child with a creative streak but still needs some help going from inspiration to completion. Of course, there are limits as to who can start playing with this awesome medium, as long as you have a knack for color and a flair for the unordinary!