The Ultimate Holiday Guide

Holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes frenzied shopping and frantic gift searching. While some may have your holiday list ready for months, others might still be completely lost on what to buy for their loved ones. 2020 has been one of the most stressful years yet, and most of us are looking to the holiday season as a chance to spend time with loved ones and detach from our worries. This season, the best gift to give your loved ones is a much needed release from anxiety and stress. How is that possible? A simple introduction into the world of diamond painting. 


Diamond painting has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress and serves as an overall mood booster. Many painters have described how they completely lose themselves in this new hobby and spend hours on end absorbed in creating a new masterpiece. Diamond painting is a dazzling art that is easy to pick up at any age and quickly becomes addicting. With the coming winter months meaning longer nights, gifting a diamond painting presents the perfect opportunity to cultivate a new hobby. Diamond painting easily kills hours on end with its entrancing nature, and once started, it becomes almost impossible to stop, making it the perfect winter activity. Children and adults alike have quickly become entranced with the process, making it the perfect gift for any age. 

Searching for diamond paintings might seem like an overwhelming process, but when purchasing from a respected retailer such as VizuArts, the perfect painting becomes much less daunting to find. We’re here every step of the way to finding the perfect diamond paintings. 


Whether you are shopping for a first-time painter, or a diamond painting expert, choosing a design is relatively easy. VizuArts has endless options, and each painting is made up of high-quality diamond drills so each completed painting gleams with sparkle and dazzles the eye with vibrant colors. There is also the option to create a custom diamond painting if your loved one has a favorite character, nature scene, or special memory. Any image can be re-created into a diamond painting and find its place as personalized home decor. 

Creating a custom diamond painting is simple, easy, and just takes a few moments on our site. However, there are a few important guidelines to follow to ensure that the end product is just how you’ve envisioned. The photo chosen must be high quality in order to maintain its clarity when enlarged according to the desired dimension. It’s also important to note the colors in the photo, and how they will translate into a painting. Photos with more contrast and colors are a bit easier to put together, and will also provide that extra dazzle once the piece is completed. With custom diamond painting, the possibilities are truly endless.


Diamond painting can also be a great hobby for young children. It will help them develop motor skills early on and will also aid in boosting self-confidence when they see how beautiful their paintings turn out. If choosing a diamond painting for your children is a first-time occurrence, there are a few simple guidelines to follow while choosing the right painting. First of all, is the diamond drill itself. Diamond drills come in two different shapes, square and round. Both make beautiful paintings, but square drills require more precise placements to avoid unwanted space between each one. Opting for a painting with round drills is a good choice when purchasing for children or any first-time painters. Whatever your child’s interests may be, VizuArts has paintings that range from Disney paintings, endearing animals, and fantastical scenes. Most importantly, choose a painting your child will love - that’s the easiest step. 

Whatever shopping entails this year, VizuArts has it all. From tools and accessories, to brilliant designs, and even the opportunity to create a customized painting. Most of all, you will be giving a loved one the priceless present of peace of mind and relief from stress and anxiety. Spread positivity and peace this holiday season with the simple gift of diamond painting.