The Best Methods to Increase Your Diamond Painting Speed

Do you love diamond painting but struggle to squeeze in some hours in your busy schedule? We know how addicting diamond painting is, and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day to work on your passion project. We’ve put together some proven methods of diamond painting that’ll help you pick up the pace and get the most out of each hour spent with your diamond painting. 

#1: Take it by section

When you’re working on your diamond painting, it might be helpful to work in sections rather than working one color at a time. Peel the adhesive layer back and work on one section at a time, which will keep you focused and also protect the rest of your canvas from dust and unwanted particles. Working one section at a time will keep you focused on a particular part of your canvas, and you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed by sticking each diamond in its color coded section if you were to work on the entire canvas at once. When using this method, keep your diamonds in color coded trays to keep your process smooth and speedy. You won’t have to look twice to make sure you put the right color on, and you’ll be sure to enjoy the process. 

#2: It’s all about the alignment

If you’ve chosen to take to your canvas by working each section, the method to keep your painting fluid is to align your canvas with your dominant hand. So, if you’re right handed, you’ll start at the right hand corner of your canvas and work your way down. Likewise, left-handed painters start at the left-handed corner and continue to work through the canvas. This way, you won’t have to worry about beads sticking to your arm, or particles and dust sticking to your canvas. Not only will you keep your painting flawless, your diamond painting process will be fluid and comfortable. To keep your movements quick, keep your tray of beads on the plastic part of your canvas, so all you’ll have to do is move your hand back and forth without having to lift it off the canvas. 

#3: The checkerboard method

Each diamond painter has their own style that works for them, but when you’re looking to complete your diamond painting more quickly, we recommend the checkerboard method. Whenever you’re working on a part of your painting that has a lot of colors, this method is not only satisfying but very effective. Just the way a checkerboard has alternating squares, place your diamonds onto your canvas in the same manner. Simply fill in every other square, which will not only create a fun pattern while you’re doing it, but will also help your diamond drills end up more straight, because the gaps in between each are minimized. Plus, when you snap the remaining diamond drills into place, it’s oh, so satisfying. 


#4: Take your color coding to the next level

Each diamond painting kit comes fully color coded so you know where to place each dazzling diamond drill. Matching each drill to the correct spot won’t be difficult, and will come easily when you’ve color coded your diamond trays. However, to speed up the process even more, place a diamond drill on its corresponding code in the guide attached to your canvas. If you need a quick visual reference, all you have to do is glance over to remind yourself exactly which color goes where. It’s a quick and easy way to keep you sharp and quick when you're placing all your diamond drills onto your canvas. 

#5: Have fun with it

Lastly, whichever method you choose, don’t forget to have fun! Diamond painting is all about getting creative in a simple and relaxing way, and it’s designed to be enjoyed. Whether you indulge in diamond painting on your own, or you’ve made it a family or group activity, make sure you and everyone around you thoroughly enjoys the process. Placing each drill on your canvas should make you more and more excited to see your finished masterpiece. Play your favorite tunes, put on your go-to show or podcast, and keep painting! Once you start, you’ll never want to stop.