The Best Advantages of Diamond Painting You May Not Have Heard Of

Diamond painting kits are quickly gaining a reputation for being a DIY hobby that appeals to crafters of all stripes. Attaching those glittering, deeply pigmented resin rhinestones onto a colorful canvas, whether it be one of your designs or one of the many available 3D and 5D diamond painting kit options, is absorbing and rewarding for the novice as well as the experienced diamond painter. It’s no wonder that painting with diamonds is the hottest new trend in stress relief!

Read on to discover what thousands of crafters, artists, hobbyists, and DIYers already have, namely, some of the top advantages of painting with diamonds. After trying diamond painting for yourself, you may find quite a few more benefits and advantages to this growing international pastime!

It’s Fun to Paint With Diamonds

The first thing you should consider with any potential hobby is whether or not it will be an engaging and enjoyable way to spend your time. Don’t worry -- thousands of diamond painting hobbyists can confirm that when you paint with diamonds you have fun! One of the many benefits of diamond painting is that it has all the wonderful, absorbing qualities of the most addictive apps, computer games, or video games, but with the bonus that diamond painting uses no more technology than doing embroidery, coloring, painting by numbers or putting together a jigsaw puzzle. In fact, diamond painting is often described as a cross between cross-stitch and paint by numbers. 

For those who are familiar with cross-stitch, you will be glad to learn that the adhesive diamond painting canvas is color-coded using the same DMC color method as cross-stitch. But regardless of whether or not you have ever tried cross-stitch, and even if you have never heard of a DMC code, the concept is simple. Since each container of the eco-friendly diamonds corresponds to one of the colors on the canvas, diamond painters simply match the color of the 3D or 5D diamond to its assigned section on the canvas. While there are no special skills to acquire to create your very own piece of art, there are plenty of tips and tricks to glean from seasoned diamond painters. This video provides a quick overview of some of the techniques and steps involved in creating your very own art masterpiece.

You Can Create Your Very Own Distinctive Art Pieces

Diamond painting is a great way to create unique wall art or home decor without the significant investment you normally expect when buying original artwork. With a range of sizes and prices as well as 3D and 5D options, diamond painting allows you to create custom art pieces that fit any style and any budget. And, unlike online distractions, this DIY crafting activity results in a one-of-a-kind art piece that your friends and loved ones will be sure to notice. 

With canvas sizes that range from 20x20 centimeters (8x8 inches) to some as wide as 90 centimeters (36 inches), you can choose exactly the right size for your space. One of the most popular options in diamond painting is to recreate personal photos, so think of turning that picture of laughing women from your last girls’ trip, the too-cute-to-be-true snap of your furry friend curled on the sofa, or that treasured family photo into one-of-kind, glittering piece of art. You can also turn colorful sketches or computer-generated drawings into diamond art as long as you can get a high-resolution photo. Tips on choosing the right photo for your diamond art are available here. 

Another excellent option for those who want to explore the world of diamond painting is to check out the multitude of available canvases. You can choose diamond art kits with animals, nature scenes, inspirational quotes, Disney scenes, religious pieces, abstracts, seasonal prints, and more. You get to decide which is the right piece for your room, your color scheme, and your personality. Each diamond painting kit comes with a canvas that is pre-printed, color-coded, and adhesive. Also included in each diamond painting kit are individual, labeled bags of colored diamonds, tweezers and/or the diamond applicator tool, and a tray of wax (used in conjunction with the applicator tool to pick up and place the diamonds). 

If you are not sure about the difference between 3D diamonds and 5D diamonds, remember that the more facets, the more the surface picks up ambient light -- just like real diamonds. However, many crafters who are new to diamond painting find that the 3D diamonds are easier to pick up and place on the canvas, and some even prefer to comparatively muted glitter of 3D diamonds. 

Once you have completed your diamond painting, check out this recent post on sealing and framing to see some of the ways to preserve and display your handiwork. 

A person diamond painting.

Diamond Painting Frees Your Mind

Studies have shown that activities like diamond painting allow your brain to relax by giving your mind a chance to focus on something that is both non-strenuous and engaging. Some of the health benefits of meditative, relaxing activities like diamond painting include reduced anxiety, improved concentration, and lower stress levels. In a world dominated by screens and the constant need to multi-task, doing an activity like diamond painting that requires a singular focus can retrain your brain to slow down, absorb the present, and give your full attention to the task at hand. 

Scientists have found lower rates of dementia in individuals who have a consistent meditative practice, and activities like diamond painting can help achieve some of the same long-term effects on your mental and physical health. Mandala, nature, and abstract diamond art kits, in particular, can help the tension melt away as you contemplate the swirls and colors of these timeless designs. 

Much like the therapeutic effects of filling in complex designs with colored pencils, diamond painting allows the crafter to complete something that requires that rare blend of mindlessness and mindfulness. In other words, while your hands and part of your mind are concentrating on the detailed work necessary to place each diamond in the right place on your chosen canvas, the rest of your mind is free to relax and wander, free for a few hours from the spiral of worry and multi-tasking that consumes so much of our consciousness. 

Creating Diamond Art Engages Fine Motor Skills

Creating diamond art is fairly uncomplicated, but it is challenging enough to require persistent focus and manual dexterity. These types of qualities make diamond painting one of the most innovative ways to improve the fine motor skills of children (as long as they are old enough to understand that the rhinestones are glittery bits of high-quality, eco-friendly resin rather than bags of delicious candy-coated sprinkles). Acquiring and maintaining fine motor skills is a key indicator of independence for growing children, and a family diamond art project is a great way to help children develop fine motor skills. Since so many sizes and options are available, diamond painting can be tailored to the child’s interests and abilities. 

Fine motor skills are also an area of focus for aging adults or people recovering from surgeries. By using the applicator and wax pad that is included with every full-drill diamond painting kit, one can produce one’s very own DIY diamond painting while practicing the fine hand movements that are critical in all of our day-to-day lives. 

Diamond Painting Can Be a Social Activity

Since diamond painting is fun and relatively easy to learn, working with family or friends to produce a diamond art masterpiece is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Much like family game nights or a ladies’ night out paint-and-sip party, crafters and non-crafters alike can spend time together working on diamond paintings. You can enjoy quality time with your kids, your loved ones, or your friends as you work together on a single diamond painting, or perhaps you are more at home spreading out so that everyone can work on their own take-home masterpieces. 

No matter which way you go, there is already a multitude of social circles and diamond painting groups with diamond painting tips, examples, and anecdotes to share. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are great places to find inspiration for your very own diamond painting project, and these social networks also offer a variety of awesome forums where you can display your own handiwork, trade leftover diamonds, and get advice from the growing social network of the diamond painting community. 

Diamond Painting Kits or Completed Diamond Art Pieces Make Great Gifts

Do you find yourself wondering what, exactly, to give that aunt who loves puzzles for the holidays but who doesn’t “need” anything? Are you constantly struggling to find a child’s birthday gift that is affordable, yet unique and thoughtful? A 3D diamond painting kit is great for those who are new to diamond painting, while the 5D full-drill diamond painting kits are an excellent choice for more skilled crafters and artists.

You can choose a kit with the recipient’s favorite Disney figure or perhaps one with a relaxing ocean scene, but, regardless of the subject, diamond painting kits make great gifts for loved ones of all ages. Diamond painting kits are especially appreciated by the person in your life who does not need another scented candle or one more set of bath salts, the tween who is too old for toys but too young to appreciate a new sweater or the crafter who is always looking for a new project to tackle. Diamond painting kits can make even the most reluctant person into a veritable artist. 

If you love diamond painting, but you are not sure the recipient will enjoy spending the time needed to create their own diamond art piece, you may also choose to give them a completed, framed diamond painting. Since there are so many sizes, colors, and themes are available, you can create a gift that is uniquely suited to the interests and tastes of your intended recipient. 

Take As Much Time As You Want

You can spend as much or as little time as you want on your diamond painting, and every diamond painting project can be completed at your own pace. Are you tired of spending the entire afternoon binge-watching Netflix shows or gaining skill levels in Candy Crush, only to end up a few hours later with nothing to show for your time? With a diamond painting project at your disposal, you will always end up with a tangible piece of art to show for the hours you have invested, so there is no such thing as “wasting time” when you are diamond painting. Likewise, there is no timer measuring how fast you complete the task, no deadline looming as you work methodically through the placement of the diamonds on your colorful, adhesive canvas. Diamond painting is a way to relax, to take a break from the frenetic pace of your work and home life as you give your body and mind a chance to focus and re-center. 

Much like completing a cross-stitch project but even easier to master, diamond painting results in a lasting, deeply colorful representation of the hours you spent creating your very own work of art. If you do find that you want to work on your art project over the course of days, weeks, or months, check out these articles on storing your diamond art work-in-progress and traveling with your diamond painting kit. 

Diamond Painting is Not Just Low Tech, It’s No Tech

It sometimes seems like most of the activities available for keeping yourself or your family entertained cost a fortune, require packing up your bags and traveling to some far-flung destination, or rely on video gaming systems, smartphones, or other electronic devices. Diamond painting is one of the few activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home with minimal investment and no technology. So if you are tired of the glazed looks and crabby responses of a kid (or a spouse!) who has just spent an hour shooting at video-game bad guys, consider turning off the TV and spreading out a diamond painting canvas. 

Or perhaps you have a youngster who loves Legos, but you have exhausted your budget and patience on yet another extensive lock-together building kit with pieces that you somehow always find when you step on them with your bare foot in the middle of the night. Anyone who enjoys putting together building kits, playing color-matching games like Tetris or Candy Crush or even just coloring will find a new world opened to them when a diamond painting kit is available. Diamond painting may be just the solution you are looking for when you are trying to entertain yourself or your family with an activity that improves dexterity, requires attention to detail and encourages concentration. 

Put down the remote, close the laptop, and turn on some tunes while you and yours spend some quality time building a diamond art masterpiece. 

A diamond painting.

But Wait, I’m Not Creative, Or, I Want to Be Creative, But I’m Stuck 

If you have read this far, hopefully, you have figured out that creating diamond art is not limited to people who are innately creative and artistic. Nonetheless, diamond painting exercises those same parts of the brain that other artistic endeavors use. Each time you dip your applicator into the wax or pick up a diamond dot with tweezers and place it on the right spot on the canvas, you are igniting the part of your brain that is responsible for creative functions. 

Studies show that meditative activities that allow for open-monitoring (observing and noting phenomena in the present moment) and focuses attention (concentrating on a single object) gives your brain a chance to rest. When your brain is in an active rest state, the dormant, creative side can wake up. If you are stuck writing an essay for class, brainstorming a new project at work, thinking up what to make for dinner, or just cannot quite figure out how to decorate your living room, letting your mind relax while creating diamond art can provide the spark you need to get your creative juices flowing. 

So Many Advantages

No matter which of the advantages of diamond painting you find most intriguing or personally applicable, you will receive all of the benefits when you create your very own diamond art. Whether you are more interested in the physical aspect like honing fine motor skills, the mental health benefits associated with relieving stress and improving concentration, or if you just need a way to relax while passing time doing something productive, diamond painting may turn out to be just the hobby you are looking for. 

Diamond painting novices and seasoned diamond painters alike will benefit from completing or receiving a diamond painting kit, but the best way to really know if diamond painting is for you is simply to try it out for yourself. If you do, perhaps you will find even more advantages than the ones we have listed here. 

Bonus tip: Check out this video to see what others have to say about the benefits and joys of diamond painting!