Our Top Four Diamond Painting Essentials

Diamond painting is one of the most enjoyable artistic hobbies that once started, is almost impossible to stop and put the pen down. While you master your art, whether it’s new-found or an existing passion, there’s some key tools you’ll need to ensure your process is as smooth as possible. This week, we’re diving into our own diamond painting tool box to show you the essentials for every diamond painter. 

 #1: Diamond Painting Applicator Pen

Diamond painting applicator pens are the most essential tool - without one it’s impossible to create your art. We include a diamond painting applicator pen in each kit, but if you’ve made diamond painting a frequent hobby, upgrading your applicator is a worthwhile option. Our Dual-Sided Diamond Painting Applicator Pen has all the features you need to keep your painting process fluid and simple. It’s wider than the applicator that comes with your kit, for an even more comfortable grip and hold, to keep you pressing your diamonds on with speed and ease. Our diamond painting applicator pen comes with a removable wax cone, eliminating the need to continuously dab your applicator in wax for a quick and fluid process. If you prefer the dabbing method, simply flip it over and continue to dip the end in wax. This dual-sided feature enables you to speedily apply your diamonds with the wax cone, while also allowing precision movements with the opposite side. Best of all, it’s lined with rhinestones for an eye-catching and dazzling look.  

 #2: LED Diamond Painting Light Pad

Illuminate your diamond painting for a dazzling glow that makes working on your piece even more addicting. Our LED Diamond Painting Light Pad makes it easy to see every last detail of your diamond painting as you press your rhinestones onto your canvas. It’s also dimmable so you’ll be able to find the perfect amount of light you need. You can work on your diamond painting all hours of the day or night, and never have to worry about straining your eyes looking at all the details if the lighting you’re working with isn’t the best. You’ll be able to use your light pad for all of your diamond painting projects, and the painting process will light up the room just as much as your finished piece of art will. 

 #3: Diamond Organizing Tray

Keeping the beautifully colored rhinestones separated and in order can be one the most challenging parts of diamond painting. Investing in a Diamond Organizing Tray is definitely worthwhile. It keeps all the rhinestones of your current project perfectly organized and readily accessible, and also gives you the opportunity to store rhinestones from previous paintings so you can create a new piece with your leftover diamonds. Before you get ahead of yourself, we’ve already got you covered with 20 creative project ideas for your leftover diamonds. An organizing tray will keep your sanity and all your diamonds in place, for a smooth diamond painting process. 

 #4: Diamond Painting DIY Wood Frame

Our last essential is the perfect touch to your dazzling finished product. The pride and joy you feel when you’ve finally placed the last diamond onto your canvas is unmatched, and it’s necessary to put it on display. While there are many ways to display your diamond painting, our Diamond Painting DIY Wood Frame  is the perfect way to frame your finished look. You can choose the appropriate measurements to fit your painting perfectly, and have the added satisfaction of putting it together yourself. Our frame is so easy to assemble, and the finished look is definitely worth it. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your diamond painting, and the satisfaction of completing the entire process yourself is a feeling that is unmatched. Seeing your own work decorating your home will only make you want to create more. Don’t wait and start diamond painting today