Our Top 3 Diamond Painting Tool Organization Hacks

Diamond painting is a wonderful hobby. It is calming, relaxing, and very easy to learn. In fact, once beginning to diamond paint, it becomes a rather addicting pastime. There is something irresistible about sitting down and placing dazzling diamond beads onto a canvas to create a stunning picture in the end. Feeling accomplished with the finished look is a feeling diamond painters find themselves chasing as they tackle one painting after another. 

For those who have been diamond painting for a while, it becomes apparent that the tools and accessories needed pile up pretty quickly. Being able to organize all the diamond painting supplies and tools is an important part of creating a calming workspace. Diamond painting is a time to detach from daily stress and worries, which can be difficult to do if the workspace is cluttered and disorganized. Here at VizuArts, we take pride in being able to provide our customers with stunning art to create on their own. As part of our mission to be the reason you experience stress and anxiety relief, we are here to provide you with some key organization hacks that will bring your diamond painting workshop back to life.


#1: Diamond Drills

The first and most necessary step to creating a stress-free workspace is to organize all diamond drills by color, and if working on multiple paintings, by painting as well. Purchasing a Diamond Organizing Tray is an easy way to keep track of all the sparkling diamond drills in one place. Feel free to label each section in the tray as needed, to keep track of which colors go with the correct DMC codes. This is the simplest way to ensure the diamond drills don’t get lost or misplaced. Leftover drills can be put into a separate tray that can be pulled out to complete a new craft out of the extra diamond drills. 


#2: Diamond Painting Tools

Next, come all the tools needed to complete a painting. When purchasing from a retailer such as VizuArts, each dazzling kit comes with everything you need to complete your painting from start to finish. This includes, wax, diamond drills, a diamond painting applicator, and a diamond painting tray. You’ll notice that over time, tools from previous projects will begin to accumulate, which can become messy and confusing. A simple way of organizing the diamond painting necessities is to keep them in storage cubes. This way, all tools can be in easy reach, and if a friend or family member is joining the fun, they will have plenty of extra tools to pick from - all in one place. 


#3: Keep Paintings In Order

Working on multiple projects at a time or putting off hanging up finished paintings? Instead of allowing the beautiful masterpieces to sit and collect dust, there’s an easy way to keep them organized, with a tool you most likely have in your own home! A bakeware organizer is the perfect way to store paintings in a safe and organized way. All paintings can be stored upright, with enough space between each other to avoid any damage to finished pieces. Plus, all ongoing projects can be placed together, while finished pieces that are awaiting display can be organized separately. This simple rack greatly minimizes damages to finished paintings, or having them collect dust. Your workspace will be thanking you!

We hope that diamond painting brings more calmness and peace of mind with each painting that is completed. This storage hack will not only keep your workspace clutter-free, it will help detox your mind, so that when you sit down to diamond paint, your worries can melt away.