Our Top 3 Tips to Enjoy Summer in Quarantine

Phase 2 of lockdown descended in the heat of summer leaving many of us with more time indoors than we’d wish for. Even though a summer vacation on a tropical beach isn’t an option, not all hopes are completely lost. We’ve put together our top three summer activities that'll keep you creative and most importantly, having fun! Each activity will not only keep you busy, but also give you many benefits to your mind, body, and soul. Ready? Let’s dive in!



#1: Get your hands dirty - the forgotten art of gardening 

With quarantine in full swing, it may seem like outside is cancelled, but there’s still some ways you can enjoy the summer sun while barely leaving your house. It starts right outside your front door. If you’ve got a few overgrown plants, or some neglected flower beds, now is the best time to dig in and get to work. You’ll get that much needed sun, and your yard and neighbors will thank you for it!

Gardening poses many worthwhile benefits, such as relaxation, de-stressing, and of course, filling your daily dose of Vitamin D. It’s been proven to improve moods and calm the mind - one of the simplest forms of self care. And while quarantine can get a bit lonely, those feelings can easily be lifted with a little time in the sun and dirt. So what are you waiting for? Pick up seeds for your favorite plants and flowers and put that green thumb to work! 



#2: Beach Day but DIY

It’s the peak of summer, and while we’re all working on staying indoors, the beach isn’t totally off limits. While you’re taking your mini vacation and enjoying the sun and salty waves, here’s a few more activities that will throw a creative twist on your next beach day! 

A seashell hunt is not only a great beach pastime, but can also be turned into an opportunity to create your own beach themed art. The ideas are endless! Use your favorite sandy finds to fill shadow boxes to decorate the walls around your home. This is a simple idea that will give your home a touch of the ocean. Get creative with some of the mirrors around your house, and frame them with your best seashells. If you’re a true beach lover, you can fill up mason jars with sands and shells from your favorite beaches, as your own personal souvenir. Last but not least, you can always frame your favorite parts of the beach with our own diamond painting kits. Love the Beach will bring to mind all the beautiful sights of sounds of beaches everywhere, while Shells and Starfish let you show off your favorite beach finds without having to go on a hunt! Best of all, you can bring a piece of the beach to your very own living room. 


#3: A new, eye-catching hobby 

If spending time in the hot summer sun isn’t your thing, we’ve got the perfect creative hobby that’ll keep your cabin fever locked away. Diamond painting is a new form of DIY art that has been proven to be rewarding and stress-free. There’s nothing like that feeling when you see your finished masterpiece glistening and glowing on your wall. Want in on the magic? Here at VizuArts, we’ve got everything you need to make diamond painting your new favorite pastime.  

Our Diamond Painting kits have all the tools and instructions you’ll need to begin creating your own work of art. Your possibilities are endless, from beautiful nature pieces, to fantasy-inspired cities, or richly colored animal designs, you’re sure to find a piece worthy to frame in your living room. Careful, you might get addicted! The more you diamond paint and attach each colorful diamond drill, made of beautifully pigmented resin rhinestones, we promise you won’t want to stop! 

If diamond painting is new to you, no worries! We have a full beginners guide to get you started, ready to be your personal guide as you put each diamond into place. We cover all the different techniques and terms you’ll need to get familiar as you begin diamond painting, so you’ll never feel lost. Each of our diamond painting kits come with all the essential tools, such as an applicator tool (also referred to as a drill pen), wax applicator pad to pick up the diamond rhinestones, tweezers, and a grooved diamond tray. Everything you need to start your newest hobby is right here at your fingertips.

Diamond painting will open up a whole new world of art - and best of all it’s simple and easy!  Along with starting a new hobby, you’ll also be able to experience the many benefits diamond painting offers. It’s an excellent way to destress and ease the mind, while also improving motor skills. It’s the perfect creative outlet that gives you the opportunity to relax and wind down. Most importantly, have fun with it and get lost in the magic of diamond painting!