How to Optimize Your Diamond Painting Workspace

Diamond painting is a world where your imagination holds no limit, and any sparkling masterpiece you want to create is attainable. Hence why, once you begin, stopping is not an option. From one dazzling canvas to the next, the finished product always leaves you wanting more. But what about the aches and pains that can come with bending over a canvas for hours on end? We know, time flies, and it’s almost impossible to stop placing each diamond on the canvas as the piece begins to unfold. Let’s explore some of the ways to improve your workspace, so you can keep diamond painting for hours on end. 

Experiencing discomfort in the neck and shoulders is one of the most common problems that can occur while diamond painting for extended periods of time. No matter what the age, looking down on a canvas for a long period of time naturally will cause a sore neck. It’s easy to forget the principles of perfect posture when engulfed in this calming activity. A simple way to avoid the achy-ness of bad posture is just to make sure the workspace is comfortable and easy to maintain. Utilizing a comfortable chair and spacious desk with room for all tools and diamonds can help ease discomfort. However, some diamond painters prefer to work from their bed, couch, or any other place in the home that is especially comfortable. Purchasing a laptop desk from Amazon, or anywhere else one is available is a valuable investment. Easily prop the desk onto your bed, coffee table, or couch, and work comfortably. The best part about laptop desks is their portability, and wherever you prefer to diamond paint, the laptop desk can come with. Many laptop desks have adjustable heights and angles, making it easy to find the perfect position to work on a diamond painting with ease. It will also elevate your painting to eliminate slouching. Another easy investment is an easel. Opting for a standing easel, or one that can be placed on top of a desk is the best way to keep your painting at eye level. These can also be transported anywhere around the home, for optimal comfort at all times. 


Have you had to abruptly stop a masterpiece due to hand cramps? The sudden pain that causes you to drop your tool is an annoyance many diamond painters experience when working for extended hours. Curing these annoying cramps is quite simple - a wider diamond painting applicator. All of our kits come with a diamond painting applicator, but we also include a grip that can be slid onto the applicator. This will widen the grip of the applicator, easing hand cramps, and enabling you to continue with ease. Another option would be to invest in a diamond painting applicator that is larger, which can also be found here at VizuArts. Some painter’s might experience discomfort in their wrists from moving back and forth between their diamond tray and the canvas. Place the diamond painting tray as close as possible to the section that is being worked on, to minimize the space your hand needs to travel. This is not only more comfortable, but will keep you working quickly and smoothly. Another way to minimize time spent on large sections with the same color, and thus keeping any pains away, is utilizing the multi-facet applicator included in each of our kits. Cut down on time, and save your hand by placing multiple diamonds at a time. Just be sure to go through that section one more time to ensure all diamonds are placed correctly and close together. 


If you’re still slouching over your painting even with a comfy workspace and the right applicator, we’ve got yet another solution. A common issue diamond painters may experience is the need to look closely at their painting to see all the numbers and details. Sometimes, it may not even be noticeable, until the discomfort sets in. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing. Utilizing an LED Diamond Painting Light Pad, is a beautiful cure-all for seeing all those details. This light pad will illuminate your painting, and thus light up every part of the diamond painting you may be squinting at. Plus, it makes the painting all the more dazzling. Depending on the time of day or amount of light you need, the light pad is easily dimmable to get just the right amount of glow behind that canvas, making every last detail that much easier to spot. 

As always, the most important tip is to have fun and love every step of the process. There is nothing better than seeing the finished look and admiring all the hard work behind each glistening diamond.