How to Know if a Diamond Painting is Right for You

Diamond painting is a world full of endless possibilities, and even with experience, it can still feel rather overwhelming at times. While shopping for diamond paintings, all the beautiful images can make it difficult to choose which diamond painting kit to take on. How do you know if a diamond painting is right for you? We’ve put together a simple shopping guide to ensure you choose the diamond painting kit that is perfect for you. 



If you’re just beginning in the field of diamond painting, you might be overwhelmed by all the color and detail in so many of our beautiful diamond painting kits. A simple guideline to remember while hunting for your first diamond painting is to be mindful of the colors and detail within each picture. When you’re just starting out, it’s helpful to choose paintings with pictures you’re familiar with, or that don’t have an overwhelming amount of color or detail within. It might help you get a hang of the process, and then you can move on to conquer the many captivating designs you’ll find here at VizuArts. We have such a wide variety of paintings, it won’t be difficult to find a picture of your favorite animal, character, or nature scene. The more passionate you are about seeing that picture up on your wall, the more addicted you’ll become to diamond painting. 

Another aspect to consider while shopping for a diamond painting is asking yourself where you see this painting in your home. Most diamond painters display their diamond paintings  around their homes or art workspaces, which is one of the most rewarding points of the process. Seeing your own art on display in your home, gives an amazing sense of accomplishment. Envisioning your future masterpiece on display might help you narrow down all the designs that are catching your eye to the one that you can see hanging on your wall. We’ve got so many dazzling designs to choose from that as soon as you see how amazing it looks in your home, you’ll want to add more to your personal art display. 


If you’re going the route of creating your custom diamond painting, you’ll be able to choose exactly what dimension you want your diamond painting to be. Wherever you’ve envisioned your painting in your home, you have all the freedom to choose the exact size to fit your space. Just remember that the more details are in your picture, the larger you’ll want it to be. Just be mindful of the quality of your picture, to ensure that the finished product will show each detail beautifully. Sizing can also depend on your level of expertise, due to larger paintings being somewhat easier to complete. We’ve got a full guide to creating your own custom painting, so you have all the steps you need to choose the right photo for your custom painting so it comes out just as dazzling as you imagined. When you see it up on display, it’s only going to make you want to do even more!


Another way to help you narrow down all the beautiful options, is to decide how you want to frame your painting. There are so many options when it comes to framing your diamond painting, there’s no need to stress. One of the most common options is a wood frame, and we’ve got you covered with a wood frame you can assemble yourself that also comes in different dimensions. You’ll also be able to find frames in white, black, or any other color to suit your home decor or your painting! This step will help you see how your diamond painting will complement and enhance your home decor. 

And of course, our number one rule is, make sure you love it! It all comes down to your own personal preferences and taste and whether or not you truly love the photo in front of you. You are the artist so choosing a piece that appeals to you is the most important part. When you love the photo, you’re going to be so excited to see the end result it’s going to be hard to stop! Here at VizuArts, our designs cover anything you can imagine. Start shopping and find the one you love!