Diamond Painting Tools You Can Find at Home

Diamond painting tools are an essential part of the diamond painting process. They can make the experience smooth and pleasant, or difficult and frustrating. While each kit comes with the basic necessities needed to complete a diamond painting, there are some extra tools that if acquired can make the overall process smooth and more organized. If you are diamond painting on a budget, or unwilling to wait the time for extra tools to come in the mail, there’s a couple household items that can easily be utilized to diamond paint. 


The most essential of all is the diamond painting applicator, which is included in each diamond painting kit. However, diamond painters typically opt to purchase a larger applicator, as it gives a more comfortable grip and eases hand cramps that can happen while working on a painting for long hours. There are a few other affordable and convenient options to a new diamond painting applicator. Most households have an abundance of extra pens lying around, and one of these can easily be converted into a diamond painting applicator. The process is fairly simple and all the items needed can definitely be found at home. Choose an old pen that is no longer in use, and one that has a round and comfortable grip that will suit your hand for multiple hours on end. Empty out the pen, and with a pair of scissors, snip off the end of your diamond painting pen, and insert it into the cap of the old pen. Glue the cap back on to the end of the pen with a hot glue gun, or any other glue that’s on hand. It’s even possible to fill the pen with leftover diamond drills to add a splash of color. Another quick and simple option to improving the grip of a diamond painting applicator, is to add a pencil grip. This gives a soft, comfortable feel, and will widen the applicator as well. 

Diamond painting wax is the ingredient that holds a diamond painting together, and while it is always provided in each kit, there are some at-home alternatives that can be used just as well. Blu tack is putty-like reusable adhesive that can easily be used instead of diamond painting wax. It can be found in any convenience store, and is flexible and easy to work with. Craft putty can be used as well, and maintains the same flexibility as blu tack. These diamond painting wax substitutes can come in handy in the event that the original wax is misplaced during the diamond painting process, or damaged somehow. Both blu tack and craft putty are easily accessible and affordable, and work as great alternatives! 


A diamond painting tray is included in each kit, and is definitely a necessary accessory as it aids in picking up the diamonds and speeding up the process. Some painters prefer a larger tray to those that are included in each kit. Using an empty acrylic drawer or old and shallow piece of Tupperware could be a simple household alternative to having a larger diamond drill tray. However, a surface with grooves etched into the bottom is definitely helpful and it keeps the drills separated into rows instead of jumbled together. Using Tupperware can be a quick alternative if in need of a larger tray, but ultimately investing in one can help simplify and speed up the diamond painting process.

A simple home remedy to keeping all diamond drills, tools, and kits in perfect organization and easy reach, is to utilize labels. Keeping all diamond drills color coded and stored makes them easy to reach and will keep the mind at ease when returning to a diamond painting project. This is a simple tool that not only keeps the overall process of diamond painting easy, but it makes for simple storage. This method also keeps the mind de-cluttered and each time you return to your diamond painting piece, it will be easy and simple to see where all your drills and tools are. 

Now that we’ve covered simple at-home techniques to simplify the diamond painting process, here’s a few bonus tips to keep in mind when working on a diamond painting. If you’ve experienced your diamond drills developing static when stored for long periods of time, there’s a simple trick to solve this problem, and once again, it can be found right at home. Due to diamond drills being made up of high-quality polyresin, they can develop static when stored. To combat this issue, simply cut up pieces of a dryer sheet and store these fragments with your diamond drills. This is a very simple method to eliminate static when storing diamond drills. 

Last but not least, simply keeping a damp cloth at your workstation will do wonders when working on a diamond painting. Any excess wax that may end up on the painting itself, or anywhere on the workstation, can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. If diamond drills are spilled, wiping a damp cloth over them is the easiest way to pick them up, instead of picking them up one by one. Keep one on hand, for any diamond painting accidents, it might be a lifesaver,