Creating Your Perfect Custom Diamond Painting Kit

With all the dazzling and beautiful designs for diamond painting kits, it can be difficult to find the painting that speaks to you or is exactly what you want. There is just so much to choose from! 

Diamond painting is an art that becomes addicting, and as soon as you’ve got one painting, you’ll be wanting another. Here at VizuArts, we’ve got dozens of eye-catching and glittering paintings, but we also give you the option to take full creative control. We have a custom diamond painting kit that you can customize from start to finish. The process is very simple, and only takes three steps. Choose your size, your diamond style, upload the photo you want, and your personalized kit will come straight to your door. Although the process is as easy as it gets, you might want to keep in mind a few guidelines to make sure your custom piece comes out as perfect as you envision it. 



#1: Size Matters

Whichever photo you chose for your custom diamond painting kit, keep in mind that the size is important. If your picture is full of color or intricate details, you’ll want to size up so each detail can shine through. The last thing you want is a size that will be too small and too difficult to put together. It’ll take all the fun out of it. You’ll also want to keep in mind how you want to display your personalized art. As you know, there are many ways you can showcase your masterpiece. If you want to frame your final look on a wall in your home, the bigger the better, as long as your picture can take the stretch. If you want a scrapbook of diamond painting memories, opt for designs that will be best in smaller sizes. Whichever you choose, our custom diamond painting kits have all the sizes you need.


#2: Color me mine

When you’re creating your own diamond painting kit, keep an eye out for the colors in your photo of choice. Pictures with darker colors will be harder to put together, as there might not be enough contrast for your beautiful picture to stand out. Just remember the more distinctly your colors contrast, the more your diamond masterpiece will dazzle your eyes. If you’ve got a favorite photo that might not have all the colors you’d like, just make sure the size will be big enough to make your diamond painting process just as fun as it should be. 



#3: Quality is key

Nothing is worse than spending the time to pick out a photo, buying your custom diamond painting kit, only to find the quality of the picture doesn’t measure up to what you had in mind. If you’re opting for a large diamond painting canvas, you’ll want to make sure the desired photo will look good at that size, and not stretched out or grainy. We’ve got you covered with highly pigmented diamonds, but your finished look will only look as good as the quality of your picture. Just make sure your picture is at the highest quality so you can deck your wall with an eye-catching diamond piece of art.  And of course, the better it looks, the more addicted you’ll be to the process, and the feeling when it’s all done will be that much more rewarding. 



#4: You gotta love it

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but diamond painting is so much more enjoyable when you truly love your design. The excitement to see the finished result is unmatched, and you will be hooked with each diamond you press onto the canvas. Working with a picture you love will make it that much more fun. When you’re envisioning your dream painting, make sure it’s something you love, and will keep you smiling from beginning to end. You have all the freedom to create a truly stunning work of art with our custom diamond painting kit, so the possibilities for your personalized art are truly endless. We want every design that arrives at your doorstep to put a smile on your face. With each diamond you place on the canvas, we hope your excitement grows, and your happiness with your masterpiece makes you glow as much as your diamond painting will. Start creating with our custom diamond painting kit.